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JOEL REMLAND has taken the scenic route on all six habitable continents, but will always be a fast-walking New Yorker.  He’s a non-judgemental vegan of fifteen years, and a Burning Man festival veteran who feeds, outfits and photographs his tribe of thirty for a week most summers.  He prefers to cut his own hair and tailor his clothes, and usually sides with Chomsky over Foucault.  He’s whimsy meets pragmatism, a taker of calculated risks, with hidden talents that include catching falling objects and climbing things he shouldn’t to get a better view.  


A longtime staff member at the Little Red School House in the West Village, Joel most recently served as an administrator for the afterschool and summer camp program, where he managed logistics while teaching courses in cryptozoology and installation art to six and seven year olds.  In 2009, he took a year sabbatical to teach English in Bangkok, and returned to New York to pursue a graduate degree in International Education.  In December he earned his masters from his alma mater NYU, finishing first in his class.


On a younger set of legs, Joel toured the US and Canada extensively, playing guitar, bass and singing in DIY indie/punk bands.  He’s performed in basements and music halls with bands like Against Me!, Fugazi, and Explosions in the Sky, and released a few records on independent labels.  These days he enjoys leading '90s sing alongs around the campfire. 






AMY DUPCAK is a vegetarian Aquarian with a profound love of words. She demonstrates impeccable sidewalk and subway etiquette as she seeks out fireflies, fireworks, bizarre art exhibits, and abandoned places. She delights in playing games like Carcassonne, with some Bejeweled and old-school Nintendo on the side. Detailed to a fault, her hidden talents include a photographic memory, incredibly small handwriting, and a knack for asking personal questions.


Amy studied Writing and Film History at Sarah Lawrence before earning an MFA in Fiction from The New School. Along the way, she's worked as a music and culture journalist, features editor, blogger, video clerk, and publishing intern. While writing for BRM, she covered SXSW, CMJ, and dozens of shows, and interviewed artists like Moby and Depeche Mode. Thanks to her longstanding grunge obsession, she also has an impressive Nirvana bootleg collection. 


After teaching Creative Writing to high school seniors, Amy taught six semesters of undergrad English at Pace University, where she also tutored in the Writing Center. Concurrently, she conducts Creative Writing workshops for tweens and teens at Writopia Lab. You can find her writing in Runaway Parade,  Fringe, Phoebe, The Dirty Napkin, and other journals. She completed one novel and is working on a second, as well as a collaborative book of essays. She often shares her work at Lyrics, Lit, and Liquor events, for which she also writes themed trivia. 


Special thanks to Leah Bonvissuto for consulting, Tim McDonough for sketching the illustrations, and Diane Golden Peterson for the above image. 

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